Wilson Design & Construction, Inc.

3998 Inner Perimeter Road
Valdosta, GA 31602

Tel: (229) 247-4001



At Wilson Design & Construction, Inc. we believe that the difference between a house and a home is you. It’s you that makes your home unique: your desires, your needs, and your tastes that distinguish your home from all others. Our desire is to help provide such a home for you and your family; a home that dovetails perfectly with your lifestyle and is truly a reflection of you.

To accomplish this goal, it is necessary that we get to know you – to understand what makes you, well, you. Through conversation, we will learn about each other. Through our time spent in the design phase, we will prioritize your needs and your pleasures. And through construction, we will bring your vision to reality.

And all along this journey, Wilson Design & Construction, Inc. will cling to its commitment to excellence and work tirelessly to provide a process and a product that leads ultimately to your pleasure and satisfaction.