Corbitt Hills Construction, LLC

Lake Gaston & Kerr Lake
208 Edwards Ridge Road
Littleton, NC 27850

Tel: (252) 586-4220


Corbitt Hills Construction, LLC was formed in 2004 by Sid and Julie Cutts. Sid has over 25 in the building industry and over 10 years building custom homes. Julie brings her organizational skills to the company by taking care of everything in the office. They have grown this company into an extremely competitive operation that artfully blends quality, value and comfort.

Sid’s experience on the distribution side of the business taught him a lot about what to use and how to properly use it. “The building industry is filled with misinformation and improper application. I saw a lot of the bad stuff on the supply side, and it has given me an advantage.” A member of the Vance-Granville Homebuilders and the Lake Gaston Chamber of Commerce, Sid produces custom homes that are unique and often authentic to historical designs in NC & VA. Whether it is French Country, an Arts & Crafts bungalow, or Southern Classical design, Sid’s homes exude correctness and balance that other construction seems to lack. You must see for yourself to truly appreciate it.

Sid feels it is extremely important to work with each of his clients so that he completely understands their needs and desires in the home building process. “Each client has a look in mind, and I have to present the quality options to achieve the look, but also stay sensitive to the client’s budget. There are several ways to get a great look without spending unnecessary money”.

We take great pride in our ability to communicate. Consistent communication keeps surprises to a minimum. We use jobsite technology and real time photography to keep our clients informed. “Our clients feel like they are on the site everyday.”

Sid also works very closely with many top architects and interior designers so as to ensure his level of service and cutting edge design. He prides himself in how he treats his customers and fellow workers with integrity, respect, and truthfulness.

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