GE Profile Appliances


Unlock more when you connect. 

GE Profile provides modern design and the latest features in home appliances. Designed for today’s smart home, GE Profile provides features that allow you to do more, through remote monitoring, voice activation and technology that takes the guess work out of cooking and cleaning. This is the Smarter Innovation you’ve been looking for. This is GE Profile.

Feature Seekers are GE Profile's target consumer. These are those people attracted to modern technology and prefer a modern look for their appliances; they are feature enthusiasts, believing it is important to have lots of new, impressive features; and they are willing to pay for the best appliances because they excite them. Because feature seekers are driven by information and technology that improve their day-to-day routine, they aren't afraid to try new ways of cooking that are smarter and innovative. GE Profile is the appliance selection for those who are seeking smarter appliances with superior technology.