GE Café Appliances


Your kitchen should be a reflection of you. Meet Café, the customizable appliance.

Café is a mass premium kitchen appliance brand that leads design choice and performance. Taking cues from the design and fashion industries to create our approach, we offer consumers the ability to express personal style with beautiful and inspiring products. Café is committed to pushing boundaries in the appliance space – we are equal parts personality and performance. Our two collections, unlike any others, offer culinary features inspired by professional kitchens, with a look that's ownable and authentic.

The Customizable Professional Collection allows the consumer to set the canvas with matte black, matte white and stainless finishes, while the Modern Glass Collection reveals a modern aesthetic, featuring a seamless and reflective platinum glass overlay that is contemporary and exudes sophisticated simplicity. Our unique finishes and interchangeable, designer-curated hardware offerings in Brushed Copper, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Black and Brushed Stainless give you creative control of your kitchen suite that reflects your personality. 

Unique style is found in every detail of the home. So, why do appliances all look the same? It's time to redefine the kitchen space with appliances that deliver superior performance and truly can express personal style. Bring a vision to life with Café Appliances. Café is Distinct by Design.