GE Monogram Luxury Appliances


Redefining the world of luxury appliances.

Monogram appliances are expertly engineered with elegant features to take on any culinary aspiration, and serve as the stunning backdrop to everything you create. Every Monogram appliance is outfitted with premium features the experts use. From controlled simmers, to precision cooking technology, you can reach new culinary milestones every time you cook. 

Monogram Appliances cater to every design aesthetic with a variety of signature collections that range from traditional substantial hardware, to streamlined or paneled framing. The Statement Collection, accentuates substantial knobs, large windows and signature brass accents. The Minimalist Collection, features expansive glass, flush installation, LCD screens and push-to-open oven doors eliminate the need for hardware. Seamless Integration is a customizable, panel-ready treatment that modifies appliances to elegantly harmonize with your custom cabinetry.

Monogram's luxury appliances are made for Discerning Connoisseurs – those looking for luxury appliances because they are in the upper echelon of household income and property value. They are constantly thinking about what a purchase means for their home value, but they also choose enrichment over leisure, are active in their kitchens, and are smart and savvy. Monogram thinks about appliances and how they are redefining the world of luxury appliances one detail at a time, based on this consumer.