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The Tyson family has been in residential construction since 1993, but the story started many years before that. Larry Tyson’s career in the financial industry began in 1969 after graduating from LSU with a degree in business administration and lasted for 34 years with most of that time being spent in financing residential construction projects. In 1993, Larry’s wife, Patricia along with a partner, saw an opportunity and started a residential construction company that concentrated on building custom homes in the Greater New Orleans’ area. By 2004, this successful partnership had built over 130 homes in the area with many satisfied homeowners.

In January, 2004, Larry retired from banking looking forward to a part time career as a building inspector; however, the story took a more serious turn when Patricia was diagnosed with cancer. While Patricia was undergoing successful chemotherapy treatment, Larry took over her position in the construction company, but then Hurricane Katrina hit in August, 2005, and the story took another turn.

At that time, Larry started his own company to help local residents repair their homes and begin putting their lives back together. Larry and Patricia’s son, Zachary, had recently graduated from Loyola University of New Orleans with a degree in Marketing and joined the company to not only learn the basics of building and repairing homes, but also to bring fresh new ideas in the area of marketing and computerization to Tyson Construction. Since then, Zach has been instrumental in designing the company’s web site and marketing material directed toward Tyson Construction’s target audience, the move up buyer who wants to have a great deal of input into their new home. Although the company continues to repair and renovate homes in the Greater New Orleans’ area, Tyson Construction’s mainstay is designing and building these custom homes for its clients.

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