The British Builder

Collin/Hunt/Grayson Counties
210 Oak Street
McKinney, TX 75069

Tel: (972) 924-0407


Owner Wayne Goodall, a transplanted British native, comes from a family of builders, and has 25 years of professional construction experience. He takes pride in all aspects of his work, focusing on quality instead of quantity. He uses top-quality supplies and tools in his projects, and he doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts.

Wayne L. Goodall is a construction professional trained in London who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of building. Equipped with a 5-year college degree and a lifetime of experience in the building industry, he sees every project as a new challenge with lessons waiting to be learned. His lifetime of schooling started at age sixteen, when he began working in his family’s civil engineering and construction company. His grandfather believed everyone should start at the bottom and advance through knowledge, so that’s where Goodall started, literally at the bottom, digging trenches, laying drains and reparing sewer lines. As he progressed to foundations, masonry, and other civil engineering projects, he learned valuable lessons in project management and the ethical way to do business.

Upon arrival in the United States, Goodall found a whole new imperial world (Europe is a metric zone), and also faced the unexpected challenges of being a legal immigrant worker in America. Four years later, his success as The British Builder has given him a new level of pleasure in his work. “I take pride in what I do,” Goodall says. “Builders should promote quality, not quantity.”

These philosophies are the foundation of his business and he will always be grateful to his father and grandfather for enriching him with their knowledge.

The British Builder is the perfect choice for your remodeling, renovation, and foundation repair needs. After meeting with clients to determine their specific needs, Goodall thoroughly analyzes the project to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to give clients exactly what they want. As his highly-skilled crew goes into action, Goodall oversees the job from start to finish, making sure nothing is overlooked, to deliver a product above and beyond your requirements.

The British Builder invites you to review his portfolio, read his articles, and schedule a visit to one of his job sites to see his superior work firsthand and to discover why so many people are excited about The British Builder!

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